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To update your profile information on the DocASAP portal, please log into your account at with your email as your user ID.

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Note: DocASAP is an online appointment scheduling platform. We are not the medical provider. If you have any health-related questions, please contact your health care provider directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DocASAP?
Today, our company is serving tens hundreds of thousands of providers nationwide. More than ten million patients have used our solution to find timely access to care. DocASAP platform works to connect consumers to care by accurately matching healthcare needs with the optimal provider. We simplify care delivery workflows with timely access via a digital front door that works across the healthcare ecosystem.
How do I change the password to my DocASAP account?

To change or recover your DocASAP password, select “Forgot Password?” in the DocASAP login screen. Next, enter your email address and date of birth. Instructions to reset your password will be sent directly to your email.

If that email no longer exists, you will not be able to change or recover your DocASAP password. DocASAP cannot reset your account in these instances for security reasons.

Alternatively, you can still schedule your appointment by using the “Continue as Guest User” or “Continue as New User” login option.

How do I check a doctor’s availability?

Once you have answered all the questions about the kind of care you are looking for, you will see a list of suitable providers and available appointment time slots. DocASAP will display appointment times slots available for scheduling. Pick a date and time that works for you.

How do I schedule an appointment?

The process of digitally scheduling an appointment is intuitive and self-guided. Enter the requested information via a chat-bot like experience and you will be guided to an appointment that fits your needs and provider preferences.

Who can assist with medical questions that I may have?

DocASAP is an online appointment scheduling platform and does not have a way for patients to communicate with the providers about medical queries or emergencies. Please call your provider’s office.   

How can I edit my DocASAP profile information?

If you’ve created a DocASAP account, when booking an appointment, you will be able to confirm and change the patient and notification details for the appointment. To change notification preferences, click on the ‘Edit <first name> details’ link.    

What is the frequency of the DocASAP reminders?

DocASAP usually sends 1 confirmation notification and then up to 3 reminders depending how far in advance the appointment was scheduled. You can set your communication preference by choosing either text or email, at the time of booking. 

You can opt out of one or all of these reminders when booking the appointment or after you have booked your appointment, by accessing the links in your email/text confirmation notifications. 

Will there be any cancellation fee if I decide to cancel my online appointment?

DocASAP does not charge any cancellation fee for the online appointment.  

How do I find the right provider?

DocASAP powers your provider’s online appointment scheduling behind the scenes by integrating with the provider’s practice management system, so all appointment slots shown in our platform are updated in real-time.

If you don’t already have a provider in mind, we’ll guide you to a provider that matches your criteria through a series of questions. We’ll ask you to enter the condition, procedure, or specialty that you need for your appointment. You can also apply additional filters related to insurance, location, available times, and provider demographics. After submitting your search, DocASAP will return several providers that fit your scheduling needs.

Who is responsible for appointment cancellations?

Appointment reminders and notifications are a part of the DocASAP online appointment scheduling experience. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, click the link in your reminder messages to change your appointment easily and conveniently. Or you can call the provider’s practice to update your appointment.
Should your provider cancel your appointment, you will be notified and offered options to reschedule.

How can I deactivate my account?

You can have your account disabled/deactivate by requesting the same through the DocASAP ‘Contact Us page. Deactivations are manually handled, and we will notify you via email once the request is completed.  

Why I am not able to see any immediate availability for my provider?

Provider availability is dependent on multiple factors, please call your provider’s office for additional information or immediate assistance.   


Where can I see which insurances are accepted?

The insurance icon on the scheduling page or the section on the booking page right before you confirm your appointment shares what insurances are accepted by the selected provider. You may reach out to your provider for more detailed coverage information and Out of Pocket expense. 

How can I check, out of the pocket cost as I am a self-pay patient/user?

We try to add as much information as possible on DocASAP booking flow to make your visit as convenient as possible, however, our suggestion is to check with your provider practice ahead of time on how much out of pocket cost you might have to incur for the appointment. This can help in minimizing any last-minute scheduling conflict. 

Where can I see my medical records including test results, prescription etc.?

Please check with your provider on how to access your medical records.  

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