As health systems and IDNs blend telehealth into their care delivery model, effectively navigating patients to the appropriate provider and care setting – whether in-person, video
or by phone – has become a challenge.

DocASAP’s Provider Search and Profiles solves this by intelligently matching patients with the right care. Patients can now intuitively search for and select the right provider who treats their specific condition, in the right setting and at the right time. Health systems and IDNs can meet the needs of the modern patient, avoiding leakage to the new competitor: virtual care providers.


Right Provider


Right Provider

With DocASAP, health systems and IDNs can direct patients seeking care to the right provider. DocASAP’s advanced search and navigation algorithms power this by matching the patient’s demographics, insurance, clinical and timely care needs with provider scheduling rules, credentials and availability. If a preferred provider isn’t available, patients are presented with alternative providers that meet their needs.


Right Care Setting

Right Care Setting

With telemedicine becoming hardwired into how care is delivered, DocASAP supports health systems’ needs for better coordinated access across different care settings. Provider Search and Profiles does this by matching and navigating patients to the appropriate setting based on the provider’s specific care delivery protocols.


Right Time


Right Time

When patients wait, they lose patience. The same with finding the right care. DocASAP’s technology prioritizes matching, near-term available providers in search results. By navigating patients to the right provider and setting at the right time, they can access needed, timely care, helping improve the patient experience while reducing no shows.



right provider at right time


Less Clicks to Care Fusing Matching and Scheduling

By combining DocASAP’s advanced search and matching capabilities with
DocASAP’s online scheduling solution, patients can accurately search, select, and
schedule the care they need, when they need it. Providers maintain control over
their schedules, care settings and protocols. Not looking to implement online
scheduling yet? DocASAP’s solution works as a standalone as well.


Female healthcare consumer is making a decision on her health.


Support Patient Decision-making With Customizable Provider Profiles

DocASAP enables health systems to provide accurate, comprehensive provider profiles, ranging from ratings and reviews, videos and credentials to insurances accepted. You can help patients make a more informed decision in selecting a provider that matches their needs.



comprehensive provider profiles


Control the Consumer Brand Experience

DocASAP enables you to create a consistent branded experience that aligns with the rest of your digital front door.



headshot of a female provider


Activate Accurate Patient-Provider Matching

DocASAP ensures provider data across multiple data sources is up to date to ensure patients can access the accurate, timely provider information they need to select and schedule with the right provider of care.



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