Seamless Telemedicine Visit Coordination and Expanded Patient Acquisition

DocASAP Telemedicine Access streamlines telemedicine visit scheduling and care coordination for providers and opens multiple digital channels for patient acquisition. This is a standalone solution that can also be used with DocASAP Online Scheduling to guide patients toward booking either an in-person or a virtual visit, depending on a patient’s care needs and the provider’s capacity.

Virtual Visits Scheduled By Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

DocASAP Telemedicine Access enables seamless scheduling of on-demand or in-advance virtual visits by patients looking for care through provider websites and health plan apps, as well as by staff and call center agents scheduling on a patient’s behalf. DocASAP captures and automates unique scheduling rules, ensuring accurate scheduling.

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Streamline Coordination Of Virtual Visits

Once scheduled with DocASAP, this platform can capture virtual visit details in the provider’s practice management system. Automated virtual visit email and text reminders include a calendar invite containing appointment details, actionable reschedule and cancel links, and access to other resources that can help patients better prepare for their visit.

Ebook: Telehealth – Taking the Pulse of the Healthcare Consumer

Download this ebook to learn how providers can use the latest healthcare consumer insights to optimize their telemedicine and other digital health efforts.

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Pair DocASAP Telemedicine Access with DocASAP Online Scheduling

DocASAP Online Scheduling is an award-winning scheduling solution trusted by the leading health systems and health plans in the U.S. Providers can elect to implement DocASAP Telemedicine Access with DocASAP Online Scheduling to enable 24/7 access to scheduling of virtual and in-person visits.

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