Engage Patients and Members. Drive Better Outcomes.

DocASAP Outreach deploys automated, care-driven text and email notifications that encourage patients and health plan members to take action on their health. From proactive reminders for scheduling wellness visits to prescription refill notifications, healthcare organizations can use DocASAP Outreach to save time and resources conducting outreach, deliver better health outcomes and reduce costs. Outreaches are highly configurable, and can be tailored for a broad population or specific individuals.

Close Care Gaps with High-risk Populations

Healthcare systems and health plans can engage patients and health plan members through timely notifications that enable them to conveniently schedule an appointment. This outreach helps address missed milestones based on individual care plans and clinical needs.

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Promote Service Lines & Appointments Based on Patient Needs

Leverage DocASAP Outreach to create awareness of new services lines, recent additions to the provider team and other relevant community announcements. Outreach notifications can also support both broad and individual chronic care or prevention / wellness initiatives, such as mammography and flu shot reminders.

Instant Prescription Refills and Lab Results

Patients also can receive actionable, customized notifications regarding their prescriptions, lab results, and other information from their care team to ensure they never miss a pickup, refill, or important message.

Ebook: A Digital Engagement Approach to Driving Value-Based Care

Download this ebook to learn how providers and payors can leverage digital engagement technologies and strategies to drive value-based care.

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