Improve Patient Experience and Access Center Efficiencies

According to Accenture, the average time for a patient to complete a scheduling call is 8 minutes and agents transfer patient calls 63 percent of the time. DocASAP Access Center makes scheduling more efficient. It provides a sophisticated yet intuitive scheduling experience that saves time for health plan members, patients and call center staff.

Access centers leverage DocASAP Online Scheduling during a patient encounter as part of the CRM system workflow to schedule appointments related to gaps in care, preventive care and more. Healthcare providers and health plans can optimize the scheduling process while making access center staff more productive.

Enhance Access

Complement provider search and navigation and provider data management to accurately schedule patients with the right provider and care setting at the right time.

Multichannel Access

Integrate online scheduling with multiple access touchpoints including Google, social media and health plan member portals.

DocASAP Insights

Get actionable insights on online scheduling to optimize business processes. Learn about patient preferences, visit reason data, lost opportunities and more.

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