COVID-19 has put our nation on high alert as we all work together to do our part in fighting this pandemic. We see evidence around us each day of people helping others. Many of them are the doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and administrative staff we are humbled to serve each day. 

DocASAP is committed to supporting patient access and our healthcare provider community as they rapidly respond to COVID-19. Many of us have friends and family members on the front lines of providing care. We’re working closely with healthcare systems and physician practices that are adapting their patient access procedures to ensure a safe environment for delivering care. Our team is supporting this by deploying patient access and engagement capabilities that help these organizations navigate patients to the appropriate care setting and provide them with vital information about accessing care. 

DocASAP is offering solutions to aid our hardworking customers. All COVID-19 related capabilities are getting deployed with DocASAP’s highest service response level and at no implementation cost:

We’ve expanded our capabilities to schedule patients with telemedicine visits

Starting now, all clients can enable scheduling of telehealth visits directly through the DocASAP platform or navigation of patients to third-party telemedicine services, where patients can book appropriate virtual visits. This capability will help optimize capacity for providers during higher-volume times, and ensure that patients receive safe and timely care.

We’ve updated our in-context actionable patient engagement capabilities to provide important updates in real time. 

To help inform and educate patients who have previously booked preventative or non-urgent appointments, we are enabling appointment reminders with actionable custom messaging related to COVID-19. This messaging will provide patients the ability to reschedule their in-person visits to telemedicine visits while providing clarity around appointment status, recent updates or changes in preparation, intake, or appointment policies due to COVID-19.

We’ve enhanced our pre-visit triage questionnaire to support current patient intake requirements. 

We are offering our clients the ability to provide pre-visit questionnaires through appointment confirmations and reminders for patients who book online appointments. These configurable questionnaires can help regulate patient admission by including questions to evaluate symptoms, travel history, and other criteria. They also comply with CDC recommendations. DocASAP can then guide patients to call their provider, cancel their appointment, or reschedule their visit to a telemedicine / tele-screening appointment.

We’ve added the ability for customers to engage in community outreach and alerting.

It may become necessary for healthcare organizations to provide real-time notifications and alerts to their patient populations, including those who have not recently booked an appointment. We are providing customers with the option of text and email notifications to cohorts of patient populations to inform them of system-wide updates, such as cancellation of elective services or changes to intake procedures.

We proactively added customizable messaging in online appointment scheduling workflows that can reflect current care delivery situations. 

To assist the health systems, health plans, and provider groups we serve in adapting to COVID-19 developments, we are adding custom messaging options embedded across online scheduling applications. This messaging can inform patients of revised or suspended online appointment scheduling services and, when necessary, direct patients to call their provider.

Our mission remains steadfast: to streamline access to healthcare so patients can get the care they need and providers can save lives. We are committed to the well-being of the communities we serve. Together with our clients and their courageous providers, we will navigate these challenging times and continue to help them connect patients to the right care.

We’re here for you,

Puneet Maheshwari


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