In this period of turmoil, many of us are feeling emotions that words cannot describe. Sadness, anger, helplessness are just a few of those.

The latest acts of societal injustices are working as lighter fluid for a society filled with economic and social inequities that is strained further by a global pandemic. We are seeing our cities burn and social contracts break.

We as a company have always celebrated diversity. We together have built a culture where we not only respect each other’s differences but use them as our strength. Our small organization is in a way a reflection of the world we expect to see. 

Systemic injustice fractures societies and at this point we cannot stay silent. If we do, we are complicit to those injustices. We see these injustices and it hurts.

I hope we all find our ways to stand up, voice our support and contribute to the truths we hold to be self-evident – that all of us are created equal and that we are all endowed with the unalienable rights of life and liberty. Without those, there is no pursuit of happiness.

– Puneet Maheshwari, CEO, DocASAP Inc.


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