South Jersey Healthcare System with Multiple Urgent Care Centers and Physician Practices Launches Online Scheduling Platform

NEW YORK–(PR NEWSWIRE)–Virtua, one of New Jersey’s largest health systems, has partnered with DocASAP to provide patients of its primary care physician practices and urgent care with advanced online scheduling. DocASAP provides a product that is seamlessly configured for the unique clinical and operating procedures of enterprise health systems. Through this partnership, Virtua streamlines access to its urgent care centers and improves the traditional booking process in its primary care practices. Ultimately, it all leads to a better experience for patients.

“With online tools like DocASAP, we’re making it easier for patients to get high quality primary and urgent care,” said Sarah Sivon, assistant vice president, Virtua. “Online scheduling allows us to engage with our patients faster – and when it’s convenient for them. Our patients can reserve a place in line at one of our urgent care centers and spend less time in the waiting room. And they can make a primary care appointment whenever they think of it – even outside of regular office hours. DocASAP integrates with our electronic medical records and business processes, allowing us to focus our resources on other aspects of patient care.”

As a result of this partnership, Virtua can effectively addresses the modern needs of their patients by:

  • Offering an on-demand holistic booking experience that fits to the technology and convenience needs that urgent care patients demand.
  • Installing a market-leading online scheduling system that increases the health system’s market and brand reach.
  • Providing the relevant workflows around urgent care to allow for immediate booking.

“As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, patients are looking for tools and services that cater to their needs. Virtua is tapping into the patient evolution, implementing solutions that enhances its relationship to its patients and enabling its providers to run more efficiently,” said Puneet Maheshwari, chief executive officer, DocASAP. “With the ability to provide timely, easy and accurate access to its urgent care centers based on real-time availability through our platform, Virtua will be able to align immediate supply with demand, elevating patient access, engagement and satisfaction.”

To access the online scheduling tool, simply visit and click on the image that says “Find a Doctor” and search by your desired category. The implementation of DocASAP has improved patients’ overall experience with its extensive range of services and facilities.

About Virtua Health System
As one of New Jersey’s largest health systems, Virtua helps people be well, get well and stay well through a comprehensive range of health care services. Services are delivered through three health and wellness centers, two ambulatory care centers, three fitness centers, three acute care hospitals, primary and specialty physician practices with 287 physicians plus 87 additional practitioners, urgent care centers, 11 ambulatory surgery centers, home health services, two long-term care and rehabilitation centers, 12 paramedic units and a wide range of outpatient services. A leader in maternal and child health services, Virtua delivers more than 8,000 babies a year. Virtua also provides employment and wellness services to 1,700 businesses and corporations. An innovator in clinical and information technology such as electronic medical records, Virtua is recognized for its ground-breaking partnerships with GE Healthcare, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and Penn Medicine. Virtua employs more than 8,700 people and has been honored as the #1 Best Place to Work in the Delaware Valley every year since 2007. It is the recipient of the Consumer Choice Award from the National Research Corporation.

About DocASAP
DocASAP connects patients with optimal care providers by intelligently matching patient needs with care delivery workflows and simplifying timely access through online scheduling across applications that patients use and trust. The online appointment scheduling solution provides actionable communication that nurtures and empowers patient relationships, leading to reduced no-shows and the ability to fill last-minute cancellations. The analytics platform improves business processes by utilizing comprehensive and robust analytics to drive smarter operational behavior. The company currently connects healthcare providers with hundreds of thousands of patients, managing millions of appointments each year.

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