Roper St. Francis Healthcare can intelligently match patients with the right healthcare providers using DocASAP online appointment scheduling

HERNDON, VA. (PRWEB) JULY 30, 2018–Roper St. Francis Healthcare (RSFH), Charleston’s only private, not-for-profit hospital system, has chosen DocASAP’s online appointment scheduling solution to provide easy, convenient and thorough access to patients seeking urgent care, primary care, specialty care, and ancillary services.

“We are excited to partner with DocASAP to improve the quality of healthcare for our community,” said Lorraine Lutton, president and CEO at Roper St. Francis Healthcare. Providing online patient scheduling will also make it easier for the community to access our timely, compassionate, and safe care.”

Roper St. Francis Healthcare had sought ways to incorporate forward-thinking processes and technology to improve patient access for its community. It needed an innovative tool that was easy to navigate and supported sophisticated scheduling workflows for new and existing patients seeking care.

 Using DocASAP, RSFH patients can easily book or reschedule appointments with a provider by leveraging online channels they already use and trust. Patients can search by location, insurance, physician specialty and more, ensuring that they are matched with the right provider in the right setting based on their specific needs. Real-time availability helps patients see which physicians are available at their preferred time, all without ever having to pick up the phone. Patients can also schedule appointments online through payor touchpoints, another commonly used channel for seeking a care provider.

Since patients can access appointment information via their insurance provider resources, such as websites or apps, DocASAP enables a unique patient-provider-payor nexus. This nexus streamlines access to care resources, enhancing patient access and engagement across large healthcare and payor systems.

“We continue to see a huge demand for leveraging digital technologies to enhance patient access and improve patient acquisition, retention, and loyalty while intelligently matching patients to the optimal care providers in the right settings,” said Puneet Maheshwari, CEO of DocASAP. “Our intelligent patient-provider matching allows us to support large multi-specialty health systems such as Roper St. Francis Healthcare, in the utilization of online scheduling and engagement across multiple care delivery use cases.”


About Roper St. Francis Healthcare 
Roper St. Francis’s mission is simple: Healing all people with compassion, faith, and excellence. We are Charleston’s only private, not-for-profit hospital system with a specific focus on community outreach. Anchored by  Roper Hospital, Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital, and Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital, our 657-bed health system includes more than 110 facilities and doctors’ offices conveniently located throughout our region. We have more than 800 doctors on our team and are Charleston’s second largest private employer with more than 5,600 employees. Our team puts patients first, a quality that has led us to receive top national awards in patient satisfaction year after year.

About DocASAP
DocASAP is working to close gaps in healthcare access, improve the patient experience and boost provider performance through technology. Our intelligent patient-provider matching and online appointment scheduling solution connects patients with the right healthcare providers to improve population and community health. Our robust analytics and data insights help healthcare providers improve staff utilization and service offerings, all while enhancing patient experience. Some of the most well-known healthcare providers rely on DocASAP every day to extend their brand to the patients that need them the most.

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