Company’s multi-channel marketing platform delivers new level of flexibility and convenience to patients and physicians when scheduling appointments, managing referrals

DocASAP, a leader in online healthcare connectivity solutions, has partnered with Doshi Diagnostic Imaging Services, P.C. to deliver new online scheduling and referral capabilities for its New York-area patients and physicians.

Doshi Diagnostic has been providing full multi-modality diagnostic radiology services for nearly three decades, and operates 15 radiology centers in New York. DocASAP’s partnership with Doshi Diagnostic marks the healthcare IT company’s expansion into the radiology market to provide new efficiencies for scheduling appointments and managing the patient referral process.

“Delivering first-class service has always been a key focus for our radiology clinics, and now DocASAP enables us to provide an even greater level of value and convenience to patients and referring physicians,” said Dr. Leena Doshi, founder and CEO of Doshi Diagnostic. “We also consider it a wise business practice in an increasingly competitive healthcare environment since today’s patients are much more tech-savvy and often use online tools to help manage their schedules, stay connected with others and, in this case, book appointments.”

With DocASAP, Doshi Diagnostic’s patients now can easily go online any time to search for and schedule an appointment at their preferred radiology center. The online scheduling portal provides a real-time view of when appointments are available, and then allows an individual to quickly book an appointment with only a few additional clicks.

“Because of our elevated online presence and convenient scheduling tool, we’re already seeing an increase in patients who otherwise may not have come to us for their healthcare needs,” added Doshi.

Additionally, DocASAP makes it possible for referring physicians to schedule appointments at Doshi clinics on behalf of their patients. DocASAP’s online scheduling and referral management solution addresses all required fields when making an electronic referral for radiology services, including: correct ICD 9 diagnosis code, referring provider details, modality with body part, patient insurance details, and signature.

“The traditional paper-based physician referral process often results in delays and unnecessary complexity for both the patient who is trying to make an appointment and the doctor’s office that must track all of the information associated with a referral,” said Puneet Maheshwari, founder and CEO of DocASAP. “By creating a more streamlined process for managing referrals, DocASAP is enabling healthcare providers like Doshi Diagnostic to strengthen patient engagement, improve their overall care management, and build a more positive reputation for their practices.” For more information, visit

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