Proven Technology Company to Share Key Learnings and Successes of One of the Nation’s Most Prestigious Academic Health Systems

NEW YORK–(PR NEWSWIRE) — DocASAP today announced the presentation of “Improving Patient Engagement by Digitizing Patient Access” during a Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) webinar on Thursday, July 28 at 1 p.m. EDT with Steven Bisha, director of Operations, Clinical Care Associates, Penn Medicine, and Jordan Pisarcik, vice president, Accounts and Business Development, DocASAP.

In this webinar, attendees will learn how Penn Medicine and DocASAP bridged the gap between patients and the optimal care provider through intelligent online appointment scheduling. This partnership allowed Penn Medicine to take advantage of:

  • Accurate patient navigation through a more nuanced patient-provider matching based on provider scheduling protocols that are specific to operational and clinical workflows.
  • A private label booking experience for the provider that maximizes the promotion of their brand in the healthcare marketplace.
  • Expanded and digitized access and availability for the modern patient through digital applications and websites that patients use and trust.

Penn Medicine will share its organizational goals for improving access and attracting new patients, in addition to sharing key performance metrics. Combined with advanced analytics, the growing health system also used the online scheduling technology to better understand patient behavioral trends and was able to reallocate resources to reduce costs and waste.

Within Penn Medicine’s last fiscal year period that ended June 2016, the health system booked approximately 50 percent more new patient appointments through the platform, totaling roughly 100 new patients booked annually for each live provider. In addition, 34 percent of appointments were booked outside of office hours, adding additional appointments and incremental revenue that the health system would have not realized without an online appointment scheduling system.

During this webinar, the speakers will outline how Penn Medicine integrated online scheduling technologies into their provider workflow and alongside their patient portal; describe how increased patient access improved patient satisfaction; offer more examples of the insights gleaned from analytics, and share how that information impacted operations.

Key learning objectives that participants will know after this presentation include how to:

  • Benefit from online scheduling in terms of improving individual physician’s and the entire health system’s workflow.
  • Improve patient satisfaction by adopting more efficient and convenient scheduling practices.
  • Analyze patient access data to optimize physician staffing.

About DocASAP
DocASAP connects patients with optimal care providers by intelligently matching patient needs with care delivery workflows and simplifying timely access through online scheduling across applications that patients use and trust. The engagement platform provides actionable communication that nurtures and empowers patient relationships, leading to reduced no-shows and the ability to fill last-minute cancellations. The platform improves business processes by utilizing comprehensive and robust analytics to drive smarter operational behavior. The company currently connects healthcare providers with hundreds of thousands of patients, managing millions of appointments each year.

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