Partnership with Leading Healthcare Information Technology Vendor Expands Patient Access and Engagement to Millions of Patients Nationwide

NEW YORK –(PR NEWSWIRE)–DocASAP today announced that it will offer its unique online scheduling solution to Allscripts clients. DocASAP’s certified solution is an intelligent provider-patient matching solution that takes into account the unique clinical and operational workflows of the provider. The solution focuses on navigating the patient to the most appropriate care provider based on their clinical, availability and distance needs.

DocASAP connects health systems by bridging the gap between patients and the optimal care provider through intelligent online appointment scheduling. Providers can take advantage of:

  • Accurate patient navigation through provider-patient matching based on scheduling protocols that are specific to the operational and clinical workflows of the provider
  • A completely private label booking experience for the provider that maximizes the promotion of its brand across digital applications and websites.
  • Analytics platform that enables deep insights for optimizing operational processes to better align the care delivery with patient demand

“DocASAP is proud to be one of the newest certified applications in the Allscripts Application Store. We are excited to now offer the DocASAP online appointment scheduling platform to Allscripts Practice Management clients,” said Puneet Maheshwari, chief executive officer, DocASAP. “Our goal is to provide expanded and digitized access and availability for the modern patient through digital applications and websites that patients use and trust.”

With integration into the Allscripts Practice Management platform, this unique online scheduling system solves access problems for specialty care. DocASAP has pioneered the methodology and product capability to offer a highly customizable solution that can be seamlessly configured for the unique clinical and operating procedures of the specialized service lines of large health systems nationwide.

“Allscripts has had open APIs since 2007. The Allscripts Developer Program was developed to speed time from innovation to implementation for our clients,” said Erik Kins, chief innovation officer, Allscripts. “We are excited to partner with DocASAP through the Allscripts Developer Program to enable our clients to improve patient acquisition and retention through intelligent online appointment scheduling.”

More information about DocASAP can be found on the Allscripts Application Store. 

About DocASAP
DocASAP connects patients with optimal care providers by intelligently matching patient needs with care delivery workflows and simplifying timely access through online scheduling across applications that patients use and trust. The online appointment scheduling solution provides actionable communication that nurtures and empowers patient relationships, leading to reduced no-shows and the ability to fill last-minute cancellations. The analytics platform improves business processes by utilizing comprehensive and robust analytics to drive smarter operational behavior. The company currently connects healthcare providers with hundreds of thousands of patients, managing millions of appointments each year.

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