Using online appointment scheduling from DocASAP, AMITA Health can intelligently match patients with available healthcare providers in the greater Chicago area

CHICAGO, December 7, 2017 – As consumers become more proactive about managing their personal healthcare, they are becoming more discriminating about how they choose a healthcare provider. Chicago-based AMITA Health is addressing this consumerization of healthcare by deploying the leading intelligent patient-provider matching and online patient appointment scheduling solution from DocASAP.

“It’s very important for us to find ways to close access gaps that exist in healthcare services,” said Deborah Fullerton, CMO and VP of AMITA Health. “To do this, we had to think differently. We found DocASAP’s unique capabilities of intelligent patient-provider matching coupled with online appointment scheduling will enable us to offer a differentiated patient experience.”

Using DocASAP, AMITA Health patients can easily book or reschedule appointments with a provider by leveraging online channels they already use and trust. Filters allow patients to search by location, insurance, physician specialty and more – ensuring that they are matched with the right provider based on their specific needs. A window into real time availability helps patients see which physicians are available at their preferred time – all without ever having to pick up the phone or sit on hold. Patients can also schedule appointments online through payor touchpoints, another commonly used channel for seeking a care provider.

Online appointment scheduling empowers patients to take charge of their healthcare journey by providing instant access on any Internet-enabled desktop or mobile device. Built-in appointment reminders and an option for providers to gather pre-appointment data helps patients feel valued. For providers, actionable appointment communications that allow patients to cancel or reschedule easily have also proven to decrease no-shows, reducing unexpected downtime.

Because patients can access appointment information via their insurance provider resources, such as websites or apps, DocASAP enables a unique patient-provider-payor nexus. This streamlines access to care resources, meeting the need for improved patient access and engagement across large healthcare and payor systems.

“We continue to see a huge demand for digitizing patient access and improving patient acquisition, retention and loyalty while intelligently matching patients to the optimal care providers,” said Puneet Maheshwari, CEO of DocASAP. “Our intelligent patient-provider matching allows us to support large multi-specialty health systems such as AMITA Health, in the utilization of online scheduling and engagement across multiple care delivery use cases.”

Because each provider has a unique business model, DocASAP’s intelligent patient-provider matching and scheduling features are designed using provider-specific primary- and specialty-care workflows and operations. Data gathered by the solution provides detailed insights into patient behavior, as related to the existing workflows. This allows providers to determine if making changes to workflows or operations could improve the patient experience, provider productivity, staff utilization and more. They can easily optimize staff workload based on data related to patient volume, healthcare needs and overall demand to reach more patients and improve operational revenue.


About DocASAP
DocASAP is working to close gaps in healthcare access, improve the patient experience and boost provider performance through technology. Our intelligent patient-provider matching and online appointment scheduling solution connects patients with the right healthcare providers to improve population and community health. Our robust analytics and data insights help healthcare providers improve staff utilization and service offerings, all while improving patient experience. Some of the most well-known healthcare providers rely on DocASAP every day to extend their brand to the patients that need them most.

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