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Our Story

about us
Just like many startups, we started small, building our product in our garage, going door to door enrolling physicians and doing customer service with utmost passion. Then it started to catch on. First the University of Pennsylvania Health System took notice and signed up for providing online scheduling for their consumers. The consumers started to take notice too.

We're still small but we've grown exponentially throughout 2012 signing up key partnerships, enrolling care providers, and building a great team. We are currently in New York, Philadelphia and New Jersey and working day and night to provide the service that make a difference in lives of our users.

Our Approach

Our singular aim is to simplify getting timely health care appointments for consumers. But our mission is to bring consumers the ease and convenience they're looking for without taking our care provider partners for granted. Customer service is our top priority.

We see healthcare challenges and the potential solutions a bit differently. We believe that the complexity and incentives structure of our healthcare system requires looking at solutions from multiple dimensions. It also requires participation of all stake holders to drive meaningful change.

So, while our solution directly impacts consumers and care providers we are bringing other ecosystem players, including insurance providers, large health systems and key technology providers, together to implement our comprehensive approach.

Finally, we're innovating all the time. Think of something that we should better? Let us know.

How we benefit consumers...

  • See a doctor sooner. When you schedule the old fashioned way, you'll wait anywhere from one week to six, while what is ailing you waits, as well. On DocASAP, most of our users get appointments in less than a week, many within 24 hours.
  • Schedule anytime. You can usually book appointments with care providers only between 9am to 5pm. Sometimes even less. Not when you use DocASAP. Got a back ache at 2am? Schedule a morning appointment right then.
  • Save time. Making an appointment the old way takes on average 7-10 minutes of waiting on hold and another 7-10 on the phone once they answer. Doing it on DocASAP takes 2-5 minutes your first time on and just less than a minute after that.
  • Make informed decisions. By using DocASAP you'll know more about your doctor. Our ratings are reliable because we only let patients who have actually visited that doctor to post. That's a first. We also have detailed information on your doctor's degrees, affiliations, personal statements, maps and so much more.

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How we benefit care providers...

  • Make your patients happier
  • Have less cancellations
  • Fill cancellations (even last minute ones) more often
  • Save your staff time
  • See more patients

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